Large Impact on Health,

                Little Impact on the Environment

Aluminum Cans

Why do we use aluminum?


  • Using aluminum cans help reduce the amount of plastic produced.


  • Aluminum is recycled more than glass, and plastic.


  • Aluminum also does not contain BPA.


Plastic Bottle Vs. Aluminum Can

Wanda Thibodeaux

September 2017


"Both plastic bottles and aluminum cans can be recycled. However, only 10 percent of bottles are recycled when compared to 50 percent of cans. Cans also are more efficient to recycle than bottles. Once the aluminum has been produced, it can be recycled over and over again."

Reusable Containers

Coming soon... We will have aluminum cans with lids. Having a lid allows you to fill it up, and use it again. You will soon be able to close up your water, take it with you, and drink it later without the fear of contents entering your can, or any water splashing out of the can. The best part? It is all made out of aluminum. No plastic here!

Plastic-Free Packaging

We package our cans inside a nice and cozy cardboard box. Not only can it be recycled, but it will reduce the amount of plastics that end up in the ocean, including the infamous plastic pack rings.  



Piling up: Drowning in a sea of plastic

Amol Mhatre

August 2018


"Piece by piece, an environmental threat is piling up, and we're ALL to blame. Worse yet, even those of us trying to bring an end to the problem may not be doing as much good as we think."

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